Visit of the mayor and the SPD parliamentary group of the city of Goslar in the new donation center

On January 15, 2024, the mayor of the city of Goslar, Ms. Urte Schwerdtner, and the SPD parliamentary group came to visit our new donation center at Im Schleeke 27-31 in Oker. They toured our premises together. First we went to the sorting point, where the donated goods are either prepared for transport to Ukraine or distributed to the individual rooms for the equipment of newly arrived refugees. There are individual rooms with clothing for women, children and men, bed linen, household goods, small appliances and toys.

The mayor and council members showed great interest and admiration for the courage required for the last trip of relief supplies to Kiev by our club members Andreas Baberske and Liudmyla (Mila) Orudzheva. There was an intensive discussion about the future of the association and the work that the association is doing to integrate refugees and to ensure communication between Goslar citizens and refugees.

As a gift, the group brought us very welcome tickets for Goslar local transport, so that our Ukrainian helpers in particular could receive some support for the journeys to the collection center.

Our heartfelt thanks to Mayor Schwerdtner and the parliamentary group members for their support and continued interest.

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