Many people are deeply affected by the cruel war in Ukraine. Even though we live in safety in Goslar, we feel that peaceful coexistence in Europe has been shaken. Ukraine, a country that wants to make its way to democracy and want to enable its citizens to live and grow up in freedom and with respect for human rights, is to be militarily forced back into the deepest Middle Ages. The people who fight there for their autonomy, self-determination and freedom also fight for our democracies.

In Goslar, as in many other cities in Germany, there has been an overwhelming willingness to help since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine. Some citizens who have good personal contacts in Ukraine received urgent requests for support and made it possible for urgently needed goods to find their way from Goslar to Ukraine. In the first two weeks after Russia invaded Ukraine, people from Goslar sent large amounts of relief supplies to Ukraine at great personal cost. Many Goslar residents heard about the campaign and made donations, supported the transport, made vehicles available, paid for the petrol costs or accommodated the drivers.

In order to get the goods reliably to the right places, in addition to personal contacts, precise knowledge of the situation at the border and the transport options within Ukraine are required. The transport can often be organized more flexibly and quickly through actions by small groups than by large organizations, because the trucks are stopped at the border and are exposed to military attacks in Ukraine. Money transfers to Ukraine are highly problematic and many products cannot be bought for money in Ukraine. Even more important than the flexible and immediate help is the contact from person to person, from city to city across borders. The people in Ukraine experience the solidarity and empathy and we do not sink into our powerlessness and helplessness in a Europe where bombs are falling again and millions of women and children leave their homeland and flee to the west.

It makes sense for citizens who have already organized these relief actions in the past two weeks to join forces. This way we can work much more efficiently and support each other. We also hope that other people and groups who also have personal contacts in Ukraine will work with us.

This website informs you about:

About the people, projects and places that ask us for help and that we support.

What relief supplies are urgently needed.

How you can support us on site, for example by providing assistance.

You can get in touch using the contact details if you would like to make living space available.

We form a group of contacts who have direct contacts in Ukraine. For example, we have direct contact with a mayor in the city of Bereschany (Brzeżany) and with aid organizations near Kiev. The contact persons in Goslar know what is missing and what is urgently needed.

The required relief supplies are published on the website. We found a large storage room in Goslar where we accept donations in kind. These donations are registered, sorted and stored and sent to where they are urgently needed.

We are also happy about earmarked monetary donations, for example each transport costs at least 800 euros in fuel costs.

Transport is organized from the warehouse. We hope for synergy effects through the cooperation. It can be assumed that the transports into the Ukraine will become even more difficult in the coming weeks. Therefore, the exchange of experiences about possible transport routes is immensely important.

Of course we will inform you regularly about the campaigns and where and how your help arrives.

We thank you for your interest. Any help and support is welcome.

You can reach us via our contact form or social media.

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